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The Way of Love & Light - Aramaic Lord's Prayer

Hello Everyone, this is to share the Prayer of the Lord, That is a Gift from our God through Jeshua for humanity to Remember the Oneness with God more directly beyond the brain-mind…

The prayer, for Jeshua, is NOT something we pray to God for what ‘we’ (=the small self) want. Rather, it IS Attunement to the Divine Flow… Each sentence has its own depth and step for each of us to ponder, feel, and follow… at least one time in a day, until this profound practice of Prayer (called as ‘Shalu’) is embodied in our own Beingness…. Chanting in Aramaic (available at the top of Lesson 7, the Way of the Heart) and feeling its vibrations is a good place to start, YET, What really matters is Our direct Living the ‘Content’ of this Prayer of the Lord, so that we would know how profoundly helpful and True the Prayer, the Gift of God is in our Journey of healing/awakening more….

The original meaning of ’the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer’ was restored by Jayem under the direct guidance of Jeshua/Jesus several years ago, and now, is available in English, in Japanese, in Polish (as far as I know…) …

In the Way Teachings, we learn how to be present with what is within and seemingly ‘without’, and then start coming into the deeper communion with the Breath of God… Love’s Breath (Breath of Love) has a profound depth for each of us to continuously explore, UNTIL we find palpably the Breath is breathing us all the time and More to continue… then, the process of Self Inquiry (Radical Inquiry) will start truly being assimilated and flowering in our own being…. “Of myself, I do nothing, Thine is Done.”…. will get into that more deeply at a right time, that only God Knows…

Breath first, mind last, heart and feeling in between.

Happy Breathing, everyone!!

Profound Gratitude for our Shared Source Yumi (YouMe)



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