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The Way of Love and Light - "Silence is the Doorway to Wisdom Divine"

Hello Friends…. I’m now slowly coming out of the precious Silent Period including the Kyoto Silent Retreat of 5 days…

It’s just so astounding to see how True Silence quickens our journey of healing/awakening…

It’s hard to express how graceful and grateful it was to experience and witness the effects of the transformation and transfiguration that the real immersion in the Work of the Way Teachings brought to this soul…

It has been simply Delight and Joy to be used as a mere conduit for Spirit/God to do the healing work for the beings whose souls were in resistance to opening themselves to the Presence of the Divine continuously… Yet, Spirit/God miraculously wove all the necessary contexts and situations, guiding this soul what and how it would serve moment by moment…. Literally, I did not need do anything save be willing to attune to Its Voice and to be guided and moved by It…

Jeshua and Christ Council Members also were there all the time palpably, and used this empty channel to extend what They wanted to communicate…. It was well received and all of us deeply thanked for Their real Loving Support and Presence!

All happened in the field of the consciousness that only desires to serve the Atonement in any moment, cherishing only the Truth: all souls are equal; sovereign Freedom of choice cannot be taken away; delay is tragedy; all souls are Sparks of Divine Light; there are no special relationships in the Queendom/Kingdom; we don’t know what a single thing is, nor is for, and we don’t need to know…. and beautifully so on…

In Living the Truth, Miracles happened, which means the shift in minds occurred; the minds started choosing the Voice for/of Spirit/God, not the voice for/of ego.

Amazingly Mysterious is God, Who always Knows what is the best for each soul to grow, heal, and awaken more in a precise way.

So Humble and Grateful for All That God Is!

It was proved again that Silence is the doorway to Wisdom Divine, not only through this soul but also other souls who truly desired to relearn and later said they experienced great effects by being Silent with the Breath with the real helpful guidance. Oneness was felt and Is.

The Way is Mystical and Simple, and Works for any souls who are ripen and sincerely willing to receive support and do the given 'Work' to remember Oneness with the Source/God beyond all words and concepts… Ahhhh God IS


with Delight and Gratitude in Humbleness

Love and Light to All of You,


[This is from one of my posts on F/B.... Felt Called to share it here too...]



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