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The Way of Love and Light - ‘death’ is Unreal. . .

This is from one of my posts on F/B a few years ago... felt Called to share it here too

"‘death’ is Unreal. . ."

Just heard a news that a friend, who once was a mother-in-law passed away just recently, while I have been immersed in creating a new website for Japanese, in Bali, in silence. . . I immediately tuned into her soul, and felt she was at peace when she left the body. . . being with her soul for a while, gratitude flowed for her presence and our encounters on the earth… deeply prayed for her continuous soul journey beyond the body…. Then, the ex, (who is now one of the best soul friends) replied that she and he had spent a worthwhile 6 year, taking care of her cancer, and they have nothing left as regrets, but gratitude for God. . . am in flooding tears, knowing a bit of their journey. . . grateful for their beautiful, courageous souls. . . God IS. . .

A few months ago, heard a news that Leaf, (a dog’s name) passed away…. she once was a part of the family and also played a role of a guardian angel, letting me know when St. Germain visited me by barking at the corner of the entrance…. she was an energy reading dog…. When she left, I felt her soul in joy and ease as she chose the time of her ending the body on the earth and whose arms she completes her final breath in, deliberately. You know, she did it as she did when she gave birth to puppies, choosing the time when I was available to support her!!!. . . even now, I can feel her joyful presence around me, teaching me all beings are sovereign souls with power to choose freely what they experience.

Early last year, heard a news that the father passed away. . . He had lived apart from me with his new wife. . . I didn’t have any emotional reactions but very calm clear connection with him because we already had set each of us free and communicated as souls beyond physicality. so..I directly saw and felt his ending time of the body. . . He was at peace. . . as a divine spark of Light, I can feel and talk with him when called. . . the body doesn’t limit our communion. . . so free and natural to say ‘death’ is Unreal through my direct experiences. . . Thank you, Jeshua for your Teaching. . . Yumi in grace-stream



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