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The Way of Love and Light: Blessing the world in the Presence of Love

Hello Everyone,

Having been in deep active Silence along with translation/publication work for “the Way of Transformation (WOT)” and ‘divine interval’, I’ve been quite busy with blessing the world….

How am I blessing the world?? First of all, the world is Not the earth (which is a sovereign living soul like us). I learned that the world is a vast array of perceptions that we hold for ourselves through learning from the society/parents/any beings we chose to put value on in order to feel safety… It’s a vortex of energies basically based on perceived fears, worries, needs. Until the healing occurs truly in the depth of our beingness, thus perceptions are purified, we continue to see WHAT IS through our coloring lens, distortions… So the world is occurring only in the mind. When the mind is fully corrected, the Real World appears just where we are, no matter what, as we SEE we are not the body-mind (not dismissing it, but fully enfolding it in Right Seeing)… Here, heaven and earth are no longer separate states… on Earth, Heaven Is, and In Heaven, Earth Is…

In this realized Oneness, it’s clear that all minds are joined… Thanks to the Grace of God, Who answered my soul’s deepest desire to directly Know only the Truth, I was carried back to the ancient Way Teachings which are new to the worldly spirituality or healing methods that teach us to accept we are or can be victims of some forces/beings/things, while the Truth of us Is undefiled Pure Spirit, being given complete freedom to choose whatever we want to experience/create: that is, we are responsible for all what we experience, and we cannot be victims of anything/one….. one of big characteristics of humanity is this competitive game of victimhood, that actually hampers our own innate ‘Power’…

While having completed my own healing in the depth, some feelings/emotions/energies sometimes have been sent to my awareness spontaneously. Whenever that occurs, I simply allow them to flow through this being, and to be guided by the Breath of Spirit to transcend them to be done with it even though they are not my “stuff” any longer…. where all minds are joined, does it matter whose it is??…. NO… so, just trust and do it for our friends…. It’s really liberating and feels blessed!!….

Jeshua says in “WOT”: “When, from the depth of your being, you have fully committed to awakening from every last trace of separation from God, when you are truly committed to not seeking for Love, but you are willing to seek for all of the obstacles that have been created within you that block the awareness of Love’s presence, then, indeed, what you find yourself attracted to, what you find yourself deciding for, in terms of the experiences that you would call to yourself, these things are the answer to your prayer…..”

All the turmoils, stirrings that trigger us are only to serve to grow our capacity to truly Love.... And those things are the 'tests' for each of us to see if we are truly committed to dismantling all the obstacles within to the Presence of Love, or 'no thanks through this Way, 'I' will come up with something 'easier' or more 'kind' that will/may give 'me' a way to bypass certain situations/feelings/anything that 'I' don't want or like....

To be very honest, this needs to come up to surface for each soul.... and choose what we want, truly....

Some time ago, I received the Call from our Source to offer “Reality of Love” workshop via webinar to share what I received from God… 

Beloved Friends, this is to share how to rest in Love’s Presence, indeed… For the details and subscription, please click the below link… This will be in English with Polish translation…

I’m a messenger just as you are… As a finder of the Truth of God, I’m Happy to serve for the Atonement in the Way That God, our Source Desires through/as Me….

A lot of Shimmering Light of Love to each one of YOU!!

Yumi (YouMe)

PS: The above sharing is from what I shared on Facebook page being nudged by God on Sep. 7.



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