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The Way of Love and Light: Judgment and Forgiveness

Judgment and Forgiveness… When people feel ‘judged’ by somebody, most of the time they recoil, and may judge others back and/or attack them, or may feel a kind of pain (unless they are fully awake)… When people judge somebody, most of the time they become unconscious and start defending how right they are to judge with reasons created in the mind that is in fear, not in Love… When people judge themselves because they think they are not doing well according to their own perceptions, they enter the downward spiral with heavy energy (self punishment, self hatred, avoidance of clear seeing, etc.) Whatever the form of judgement (being judged, judging others, self-judgment), I found through my own Journey that ’Forgiveness’ which Jeshua shares in Lesson 3 of the Way of the Heart is the real medicine for us to detoxify the poison of “judgment” in human world and to start allowing the capacity of Discernment to emerge….

When I was translating and editing this part, I realized the only way that I could ever transmit this profoundly deep messages to Japanese people is that I go through all the exercises and allow the mind to be changed and purified, so that the essence of the vibrational energy through those words would be extended through the transformed translator… so… word-to-word translation was not viable in my journey… thus it took/takes time, yet this itself fulfilled its purpose to serve the Atonement in this soul, that allowed the ‘death’ of the self operating on the mind and the ‘rebirth’ of the Self operating on the Mind of God as an empty vessel…. So, I want to share this Gift from Jeshua with all those whose souls truly want to awaken into the Peace of God where even the mind relaxes and becomes empty to serve the Awakened Heart…


Excerpts from ‘Mastering Forgiveness’ - the Way of the Heart by Jeshua (Jesus):

“….But something began to compel me. How might I discover how to see only that Shimmering Radiance? Would it be possible for me to see my brothers and sisters as my Father sees His Children? And, in Truth, I discovered that the way to see with the Eyes of Christ begins with the acceptance that I, as a creator, created in the image of God, indeed, literally choose every experience, and call it to me; that I create the veils through which I view Creation.

And I began to shift gears slightly. I began, even, to be seen as someone who was rebelling against the teachings of my Essene elders. For I began to move away from striving for God, from striving for perfection, and began to cultivate within myself the process of allowing. I discovered that if I looked upon my perceptions, my feelings, my behavior, exactly as they were, without overshadowing them with my own interpretations - if I could teach myself to embrace things with innocence - veils began to be dissolved from my mind. For when I was nine years old, I had already learned to be fearful of thinking, or speaking, or acting, in a way that was not in conformity to the prevailing wisdom of that time, even within the Essene community, which had already become rather rigidified. There was already much dogma. And dogma always leads to bickering. I began to discover that if I looked with innocence upon all things, a Light began to shine through the things I was looking at. And as I rested more and more in this innocence, more and more, the Light would shine.

And as I grew in age, I began to discover that the old teachers who spoke of the need to, “Forgive seventy-times seven,” knew something quite profound that had even become lost within the tradition, the Jewish and Essene traditions, of my day. For, you see, to forgive means “to choose to release another from the perceptions that you’ve been projecting upon them.” It is, therefore, an act of forgiving one’s self of one’s projections. And as we begin to forgive, even unto seventy-times-seven times, each time you forgive you take yourself deeper into the purity of your own consciousness.

You begin to see how profoundly you have been coloring, and therefore affecting, all of your relationships, through the simple act of not being aware of the power of projection.

Therefore, I learned - and learned well, -that forgiveness is an essential key to healing. The opposite of forgiveness is judgment, and judgment always creates separation and guilt. Judgment will evoke a sense of guilt in the one who has been judged, unless, of course, they are perfectly awake. But more than this, each time that you judge anything or anyone, you have literally elicited guilt within yourself, because there is a place within you, yet still, that knows the perfect purity of your brother and sister, and sees quite clearly that all things within the human realm are either the extension of Love, or a cry for help and healing.

Therefore, beloved friend, when you judge, you have moved out of alignment with what is true. You have decreed that the innocent are not innocent. And if you would judge another as being without innocence, you have already declared that this is true about you. Therefore, to practice forgiveness actually cultivates the quality of consciousness in which, finally, you come to forgive yourself. And it is, indeed, the forgiven who remember their God.

And so, therefore, in this hour, beloved friends, we would wish to share with you the power of forgiveness - how to cultivate it, how to refine it, how to understand the depths of it that can be revealed to you as you forgive seventy-times-seven times, how to bring up within you that which has not yet been forgiven, but perhaps forgotten. We would speak also, in this hour, of what perception is, and what projection is.

Beloved friends, these things are of critical importance. For anyone who enters into a so-called “spiritual path” must eventually face and deal with their deep need for forgiveness, which is an expression of the soul’s deep desire to be forgiven. For there is no one who walks this plane who has not been touched by the poison of judgment.

Beloved friends, as we speak of these things, though, let not seriousness enter the mind. For in Truth, all we are really doing is describing for you what you need to do, and can do, in order to release the burden of illusion that seems to cause you to feel a heaviness upon your countenance, a sense of a lack of safety in the world. You could think of it as taking your rheostat and turning it up a bit by enlightening you, taking your burden of guilt and judgment from you.

Therefore, in Truth, understand well: forgiveness is essential. And what has not been forgiven others, has not been forgiven you - not by a God that sits outside of you, for the Father never judges. What you have not forgiven in another or in the world is but a reflection of what you carry within as a burden that you cannot forgive of yourself. You have an interesting saying in your world,

It takes one to know one.

Do you think you would even be able to judge another if there wasn’t something within you being elicited that triggers within you the belief that you know exactly what that other one is up to? And that’s why you judge them. And sometimes, you judge harshly because you fear that energy in yourself, or you remember how hurtful you have been when you have acted from that energy.

But when you have forgiven yourself, rest assured, you will know what it means to walk in this world yet be not of this world. You will be able to feel the energy or the activities that any other soul may freely choose. And you will discern that energy, you will understand that energy, you will see through it, and still see the Face of Christ before you. You will not react, which literally means “to act again, as you did in the past.” Instead, even if you are being persecuted (or to speak from personal experience, to be nailed upon a cross), you will have cultivated the ability to love.

And in all situations, no matter what another is doing, your first response will be to enter into the quiet stillness within, and merely ask the Holy Spirit,

What would you have me say? What is most appropriate for this other soul in this moment?

For when forgiveness has purified the mind and the heart and the emotional field of your own beingness, you will discover that you exist only to extend Love.

You are the Savior of the world. And in each situation, your role is to ask the Holy Spirit how you can serve the Atonement, the correction, the healing, that yet needs to be acquired within another soul. So even if one is hating you, you will not respond with defensiveness but with curiosity, with innocent witnessing. And even if your hands have nails going through them, I tell you truthfully, it is possible to still enter the quiet sanctuary of the Heart and to ask of the Holy Spirit,

What would you have me say or do that can serve the healing of my brother or sister’s heart?………………………”


“Forgive Seventy times Seven”! …. I’m Eternally grateful for the Way That Jeshua truly Lived and demonstrated for all human beings to awaken from the split mind into the Mind of God…

Amen… Blessings and Love to you all

YouMe (Yumi)



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