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Yumi GraceStream

A Servant of God

 A Student of Real Love

Serve as Teacher/Facilitator/Translator


the Way Teachings of Jeshua(Jesus) & Mary Magdalene




Trained/Certified as

Senior Teacher/Facilitator of 

Way of Mastery-Pathway since 2009,

and Graduated in 2015

~ Yumi GraceStream ~



After deeply devoted to psychological unconscious layer healing work based on ACIM (A Course In Miracles), and ZEN teachings for years, the Mystery answered her deepest prayer from the soul to know only the Truth directly, carrying her to the Pathway of Way of Mastery, where she started relearning everything that she learned before in the spiritual worlds, under the guidance of Jeshua both through Jayem (though she was not sometimes aware He was at work through him!) and directly from Jeshua, and through the interactions with Jayem who served as a teacher and a conduit for her for the first 6 years. (She was already graduated from this sphere of relearning in 2015 as she restored her ancient Knowing of The Way and direct Connection with God.)


As everyone’s journey is unique and quite different, because of her ancient soul promise with the Lineage, she was placed in a position to go through all human level wounds to heal, to set everyone; parents, mate, child, dog, the world and herself FREE, and to awaken into the Truth; I and my Father are One; Only Love is Real; I am the Created, not Creator, and I AM THAT ONE… She Loves the Love of God, serving only the humanity’s Atonement as she knows what serves best and most comes from our inner alchemical transformation so that the new vibrational frequencies would support the energy field on this planet, who is now preparing to come closer to God… 


Her devotion to the Truth has never ceased even in the amid of big challenges. Rather it is fueling her Desire to Serve only God’s Will.


She has a great delight to share what she received with anyone who is sincerely willing to go deeper within in new ways, and to enter the Pathway of the Way Teachings through which her soul that once was called ‘a queen of darkness’ has healed and awakened… the Way teachings of Jeshua WORKED!!

Now she is serving as Teacher/Facilitator/Translator of the Way Teachings, publishing the Way of the Heart in Japanese, offering workshops/sessions globally through the Way of Love and Light, a name of the Way revealing the energy field of God, given by Jeshua and Mary Magdalene to expand the Way based on its Teachings, by being a Happy Conduit of Spirit/God in deep Humility and Gratitude, to bring back Heaven on Earth...


"Yumi, I extend to you my deepest gratitude, my respect and gratitude for all those wonderful love lessons you have given us during these three days ... These teachings, rich in wisdom and humility, are all the more precious to me as they arrive at the right time in my life, and I now cross "karmic" to settle ... That's why from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your presence in my life, your gentleness, your patience, your devotion, your humility with God, thank you for all your love, all your wisdom, thank you for your smile, and yet again THANK YOU because thanks to you I found the meaning of BREATHE. The reflected light that you so divinely accompany you on your way. Namasté." ~ Corinne


"Thank you so much for... everything!! I felt the depth of the vessel that I felt you created through your powerful connection and devotion to the Source as One with You. There I could leave the mind behind (very important!) and freely explore and meet seeming fragments of myself that needed to be embraced and transcended with Love. I've never experienced this much depth of my own soul's journey before... This divine vessel also allowed all of us, I feel, to connect with each other in a very intimate and precious way that a soul could know. We truly were in the Sacred Circle! Infinite gratitude to You!" ~ Maho H. 


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Crowdfunding for the Translation/Publication Project


As a happy Servant of God, That Which answered her deepest call to Know Only the Truth, she serves: for Japan through translation/publication of ‘the Way of the Heart (published in 2018)', the Way of Transformation’, ‘the Way of Knowing’, ‘the Way of Servant’ into Japanese, and for the rest of the world, through offering healing/awakening workshops/sessions in English: Breath of Love & Light, Self Root core Inquiry (Self version of Radical Inquiry), Energy work, Presence, Sacred Union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, Silence, True Tantra, etc. … She was shown the synergy effects that offering workshops/sessions enhances the deeper living comprehension for the translation, and in turn, translating the Way Teachings can offer further grounded Teachings to participants. This is the utmost Joy for her to continuously offer and share what she has received/receives/will receive with brothers and sisters who sincerely want to listen to and learn what God desires to extend through her, who found the Way out.

The translation of The Way Teachings requires a direct living journey (real research) by following and testing what is shared there by Jeshua and Christ Council (Masters who awakened through the Way), and during the translation/publication work, no revenue is generated while energy of money is to be spent to support the endeavours. This translation/publication project is FOR helping us dissolve our fundamental core issue, that is, our choice for separation which is generating all the step children: limitation, heaviness, inequality, hatred, jealousy, fighting/war, needs for control, inferiority/superiority, any mental dis-ease, and whatsoever.


For this Divine sake, donations from the brothers and sisters are highly appreciated to support this Work to be done for humanity's healing/awakening... Thank you...

*When you click the button below, you'll be guided to ( account)... Please select the currency and enter the amount that your heart most feels called... You can either use a Paypal or credit card, and it does not require a Paypal account if you don't have... 


Testimonial from Jayem 2014: 

"I am writing to acknowledge your commitment to real growth, healing, and emergence as a pathway teacher. Your devotion, commitment to engaging the teachings and tools, and mostly to be met by me at your edges time and time again, to be pushed, prodded, and challenged, and to use it to go within and breakthrough is a model for all. And now you are emerging even more into the Sphere of Teacher; which will mean deeper lessons/learning/growth that just aren't available in the 'student' sphere. Your soul is in control now, and your union with God established sufficiently against ego/fear, grounded in a mature integration of all the facets of the Way: welcome to Ceaseless Unfolding! Big hug, and humble respect for the way you have both surrendered to, and moved with, the Fire of Real Love."

~ 2014 Early Summer


- Yumi Sharings from her own Journey -

[2019 Late Summer]

Hello Everyone, … weeks ago the biggest typhoon hit my area in Japan causing blackout and no-water supply… as it occurred, in the hot humid darkness, I communed with the earth, who is now going back ever closer to God, by shaking to attune more to God… Felt if we human beings also start vibrating the same frequency as she has, her way of shaking will/may change…


… And now I realized how grateful I feel for all what happened and what is here and now, and for Real Love of God for each one of us... from that place, I’d like to share the followings with you……  


When we struggle, get confused, I found it’s a great way to accept the confusion just as it is, and with that self honesty, go back to the gentle deep breaths and ask for help to the Voice for God (Jeshua, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Germain, and Any Masters) and/or the Voice of Spirit/God… Sometimes, those Voices send messengers: a woman , a man (sometimes they may teach the egoic thoughts that take various forms, sometimes they may teach the holiness of being, that also takes various forms), a dog, a cat, a grass, a photo, a leaf, a tree, a sand on a beach, and all we could name it… for us to look deeper why we got confused or lost inner happiness… sometimes the dog teaches that she doesn’t carry the past in relating with people, rather feels the energy at that present moment and then relate with people… and we may wonder if we were carrying the past in relating with someone in the present moment… we could learn a lot from it… sometimes a leader/teacher of a community acts contrary to what they say or teach quite often… Confusion arose… we could either criticize and judge them, or allow it to be an opportunity to do the deeper forgiveness work…At the beginning, this will/may elicit a lot of turmoil and thus quite challenging! Yet the Way Teachings of Jeshua teaches “No one wronged us, our minds are joined, It takes one to know one.” - Real deepest forgiveness: to forgive means “to choose to release another from the perceptions that you’ve been projecting upon them.” (WOTH L3) … through the forgiveness we can deepen the capacity to discern what actually is happening in our friends (in the role of ‘leader/teacher’) as Spirit operates through/as us….   a Hello with a big smile from a girl on the road just makes us feel refreshed and joyful enough to let go of the state of getting confused..… we are constantly in communication each other … and what we communicate and/or demonstrate will/may teach which voice (God or Ego) we are listening to… And all moments are doorways for us to learn and to extend True Love more beautifully, more joyfully… so in this sense, we are all teachers… and also learners…


Accepting being visible as a teacher/facilitator of the Way Teachings itself took real alchemical journey for me…. at the beginning, no way to allow myself to put this soul in the role of teacher as the healing of deep guilt and self-hatred had not been fully completed yet… However, as I continued the deep alchemical healing journey assuming a responsibility for all what I experienced, I found the more I teach the Truth of God: I and my Father are One; I’m the Created, not the Creator, by becoming It, and then by being It, the more Spirit/God operates through/as this soul… Which was a Real Joy and Delight… and for that I allowed myself to be in position to go through a lot of initiations; being attacked, judged, hated, prejudiced as well as being appreciated, Loved, supported, through offering the Way Teachings by being vulnerable to purify and retrain the energy field… those were quite harsh years of the real training in living daily situations…. Yet I chose it as I knew that was what I was afraid of…


The fundamental teachings of the Way is to support us to heal the wounds and correct the misperceptions in the mind that we alone created or allowed to enter our field of beingness, and to re-member the Oneness with Spirit/God directly… Jeshua is a primal Teacher Who teaches that one day we don’t need Him any longer as we restore our Original Wholeness as much as He and other Masters did, and They Love to Create and Extend together the Good, the Holy, and the Beautiful with us as equals, praising ONLY GOD IS…. Their Love for each of us makes me always genuinely Humble and Delightful as They meet us only where we are choosing to be as souls… 


When I teach/facilitate, I invite Spirit/God to guide me as well as my sisters/brothers… all the healing process is up to and under the guidance of Spirit/God, moment by moment as I truly know ‘Of myself, I cannot do anything, I don’t know what is necessary for my friends to heal more. Spirit/God, please guide me and them…. so it may sound paradoxical that I am a teacher who teaches God/Spirit is the only teacher, Who operates through this empty vessel, and there are the Way for us to relearn how to be a simple conduit for It and remember eternal Oneness with It. Therefore, I could allow myself to be visible as a teacher/facilitator/translator of the Way, yet those are just a signpost to let friends know I had gone through transformational journey by testing and grounding the Way Teachings into the being and am available to share the Way. That’s all… Because I literally don’t need do anything and do need do nothing. Just Allow Spirit/God to move/act through/as this soul, and my only job is to clean my perceptions, to polish the body, to weed my garden of consciousness, As long as the body-mind lasts, this is the discipline that anyone is asked to keep in mind regardless of the degree of Oneness with the Source… Thank you, Jeshua for it!


Everyone’s journey is different. Period. And we can learn from each other’s journey in various ways.

After entering the Queendom/Kingdom, there is no end to be Known by God… 


When the biggest earthquake hit Kobe in Japan in January, 1995, I was in deep depression carrying 7 months old baby. Yet the shake shocked this soul deeply and immediately resonated to the Call from the earth: Wake up. It’s time..  and realized my energy field was not supporting anybody incl, this soul and the earth as I was choosing ever deeper darkness, punishing myself with deep guilt and self-hatred. And so, decided to go back to the path of healing… A lot happened…. used all the earned money on the psychological unconscious layer healing work based on ACIM, and Zen Teachings. Years later, I found the depth of the being; the root core of my sense of deep guilt was not healed, which gave me a big shock, and finally led me to cry out to God, ‘if you ever exist, show me the True Way, True Teaching, so that I can end this insanity within, without. I want only the Truth!’ Then, without knowing anything at all about the Way nor Jeshua, I was carried back to this Way Teachings….


As Jeshua says, this is the deepest work possible, and He and Christ Council will support us to dismantle the root of our Separation syndrome…

Many people who were in healing paths showed fear on the verge of looking into the base of their own consciousness, from which they might attack or judge or avoid when they were invited to see and go deeper within…. 


At the same time, honestly, it’s true that years ago I started feeling clearly something not aligned to the Way when people do ‘Radical Inquiry’ to others abruptly before completing their own Self Inquiry… there have been cases where people project their unhealed part by asking questions to others as the form of ‘Radical Inquiry (R.I.)’… Jeshua’s Way does not teach that… I got confused and wondered what’s happening… and asked Christ Council to support me… then I received the Call to go into unlimited Silence to restore the process of Self version of inner inquiry from what I already was doing on my own in Spirit/God… so that we could live the Truth: Everything arises within me…. I now call it ‘Self Root Core Inquiry’… And, If we are asked by Spirit/God to support others healing process through Root Core Inquiry, it’s wise to look within first if we have completed our own inner Self Inquiry around the thing in question or whatever has been calling our attention, and just do the inner inquiry on whatever is calling us within, so that no projection/manipulation will be cast out onto others. And of course this requires mutual agreement to offer the support and receive the support thru ‘Inquiry’ before initiating a question. The supporter/guide/facilitator also is requested the deep discipline and continuous inner work to be able to serve as a transparent vessel. Otherwise, it does not make sense as Only Love of God can heal and guide through/as us.


Since everything arises within us as Jeshua says, basic practice of inner inquiry can be done by Self Inquiry while others can hold space in Presence for them to go within regardless of physical presence…. And when we feel called, we share what we found: opportunities to be vulnerable each other and learn from each other… To get used to its process, it takes certain practices and guided support at the beginning stages for some time for people to start doing on their own in Spirit/God, which is another living journey to Know Union with Spirit/God directly... Anyone is interested in it??  The goal is establishing the direct Connection between you and Spirit/God throughout your entire beingness, meaning a facilitator eventually will lose a job (LoL!), which is actually not a joke but my Real Intention.


I don’t know about you, but through my own journey and relating with others, I found the mind is very very tricky and deceptive because we nurtured the mind (which is separate from the Mind of God until we do and complete enough amount of deep alchemical work within) so much for long long time… As Jeshua reminded us, it’s so important to be VIGILANT about what the mind says/does in Loving Presence and choose the different frequency… 


When weeds in a garden of the consciousness grow, He and Christ Council invites us to go to the ROOT, otherwise, weeds will show up again.  Their Power of Light can melt the root within us, if we are willing to receive… And Why?… For They followed the steps of the Way to heal and correct the mind and had done with it. They didn’t avoid the deepest work to look within, so that they paved the path for us to heal more quickly and easily… we could ask within if we are willing to accept Their Invitation to join Their Club by following through the Way to restore the same Power of Light and become EQUAL Friends to serve for the Humanity’s Atonement, celebrating All That God Is?? Because when we give what we have received, we truly receive.


After countless Self Root Core Inquiry within, I now find it’s very quick to embrace whatever is presented to my awareness and to be done with it just by being the Presence of Love and Light… so for me, it’s the Way of True Love and True Light… Just humble gratitude for God, Who carried this soul back to the True Teaching that teaches All That God Is with practical tools/practices, welcoming/embracing everything incl. different modalities (He shares, if it truly supports a being at the right moment, Spirit just uses it through us)… In His Teachings of The Way, He enfolds and encompasses All things… I’ve never ever encountered this level of deepest Real Loving Teachings with consistency followed by all the steps with challenges that He already went through too… (His Aramaic Beatitudes shows those steps for soul’s living awakening journey)


And, He is available to anyone and meets with us where we are as a consciousness… That means, what He shares with one will be often quite different from what He shares with the other friend or be quite similar if their consciousness is close… The same thing can be said with “channelers”… For Channeling thing, I may share separately later… 


When I encountered my then neighbor’s dead body after he suicided in the proximity several years ago, I could commune with him by sending Light energy and Loved him as he was. No fear arose. and my commitment to continue my alchemical healing deepened firmly as I realized that is the only thing I could offer him… The Way clearly helped my encounter with him be sacred…. this is just one example and there are more in my living journey to say that the Way is from God through Jeshua as a spokesperson and Christ Council, designed for all of us (if we want to take up), with such a Pure Real Love with concrete, comprehensive, profound deep steps to GO HOME. The Way does not belong to any one nor any organization, and It can not be modified for anyone’s sake. The Way offers complete Freedom if one takes up the Way or not; That is What God Does.


Jeshua and Mary Magdalene offered all of the self to the Self and demonstrated Death is Unreal; there is another Way to use Time differently for the Atonement.

With no words to say to Them save Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, from the bottom of My Soul… I felt so grateful that I had  allowed the death of the old ‘I’, ‘my’, ‘me’ to occur and to be reborn ANEW… Knowing every moment is a new beginning… 


There are other strands besides the Way Lineage as Jeshua says. Some of you may find the Way is not the strand for you. Then why not go for it. Yet if the depth of your soul just feels this is the Path for your healing/awakening, the Way is wide open for you to explore and take up the journey along the Way. Even some discrepancies that we may encounter along the path are perfect opportunities to cultivate the capacity to discern what is happening in us/them and what truly the Way is teaching. If you still want to compare several Jeshua channeled materials/books to see what would be the best for you, go for it.  It’s all up to our Freedom to choose… No one can take our Sovereign power of choice… So only question is WHAT WE WANT, TRULY… Let our deepest Soul choose it… And, when we choose as Soul, allow It to guide us through..


Thank you, everyone, for allowing me to share this… I Love you All…

Blessings with affluent gratitude to our Shared Source,



I was a devoted seeker of the Truth through psychological healing based on ACIM and Zen teachings while working as a career woman in the international business world in Tokyo for years. 10 years ago, I started hearing an inner call to go to Israel, but kept arguing against it: "No, not me, I'm just not enough," kept shouting in my mind! Within four years, everything in my life started collapsing; physically and mentally. It was a period of deep torment. Finally I prayed to God: "If you even exist, take me to the Way of true teaching so that I can end this insanity and suffering!" Four months later, I was carried to the Way of Mastery Pathway through some miraculous threads, and felt a strong unshakable Call to attend the Palpable Forgiveness Retreat in Bali. I did so, and it marked a profound and miraculous ‘turn’ in my journey. 

I found the Way of Mastery Pathway provides a real deep transformational process which is alchemical, mystical, but also grounded and practical, even scientific and viable, which leads to a real enlightenment: healing into Eternal Peace and Happiness – even while being a human being in the world - if we are willing to take up the journey and engage what is actually offered by the PathWay: its core teachings, AND its practices. Through my own journey, I felt and found so much Fire of Love from Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, who are inviting all of us equally and unconditionally at any moment to this Lived Experience of Oneness with God; into a realized life IN ‘God Who is but Love’. It is the most extraordinary and priceless journey to really discover all that this means for us as living soul. 

One thing I learned most is that when I teach, I truly learn that the Mystery of God can, and will operate through me when I am surrendered into our already-established Union. I am learning how to Love All Things more beautifully. I am learning ever more fully that ‘of myself, I can do nothing,’ and so my only role – true for all of us - is to correct the mind and to heal the wounds and suffering created by misperceptions and judgments I alone have created. By discovering what it is and looking upon it in innocence, curiosity and wonder and feeling through it, we are giving Light of consciousness to what was hidden in mind and body. Then, we can choose anew, and ‘breathe the Light of Spirit through it’... This is the Act of Love, which only can heal us. But these are just ideas until we really submit to the real process of it, such as at Palpable Forgiveness, until we truly integrate it, until we become it. 

I am committed to serve as an eternal student of Love to support Jeshua's Plan for humanity's Atonement via this extraordinary PathWay and all its teachings and tools. Most of my time is spent translating them, including the OLA darshans, for Japanese people, and also, offering workshops/sessions to English-speaking people to ground the Pathway teachings/tools on the planet. It all rests, though, in having learnt to rest in utter Humility and AWE to the Mystery, being ever shattered by the Unknown and re-birthed into more of God as a happy, empty conduit for That One ceaselessly. 

The work that I offer is all about serving the Humanity's Atonement by bringing back the ancient Way Teachings that Jeshua and Mary Magdalene have been guiding for humanity to heal and awaken from our own Spell of dream of Separation into Original Wholeness, so that IF we follow each step and practice using the tools offered (LovesBreath & Radical Inquiry), we can trace the path of the original Fall back to the roots and choose anew. This is to support to remember we are Spirit, the Thought of Love in Form, and the Power of Choice is already within US as Holy One Child of God. 



Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Heart,

This is an invitation to the party of 'Living the Words of Christ', with Yumi Grace-Stream, Senior Pathway Facilitator.

The Words that Jeshua shares with us as Wisdom, Intelligence of Source is to inspire us to remember what our True Self already Knows in our deep quiet Heart: He said, "I come not to speak of things that you do not know. I come not to use words which do not already abide within you. I come not with the wisdom that you do not already contain." (Way of the Heart - Lesson Nine). When we take up our own journey fully following the Words of Jeshua as steps, tools, exercise, axioms, we will experience what the Words point to. When we reach the point where we have become those Words, we will start embodying them as Living Christ.

I received a Call from Mary Magdalene at her Cave in Provence last year, to extend the Work and the Words to the world despite my ancient resistance (which I totally released!). Through abiding with Her then, I remembered my direct promise with the Lineage & God that I would extend these ancient Teachings of the Way for Humanity's Atonement, in a feminine form, and surrendered to how I would be used for that service.

In Delight and Humble Gratitude, I will be offering workshops in France and the US during July, August and September, for you to taste and experience the Feminine and Masculine Qualities of Energies and Its Union, and/or learn/deepen the Art of LovesBreath and Radical Inquiry with Friends of the Heart who have also received the Call to live the Words of Christ discretely.

It's a deep honor to join with you and explore the essence of Her Words (quality of energies) together. The Cave for me represents the energy of what it emanates: the qualities of the Divine Feminine and Divine Marriage, and so I have used it to convey the essence purpose of these upcoming workshops.

I desire to share with you an experience from my own journey, in which I opened to experiment with the Words of the Teachings deeply through my own beingness. One of the direct results of continuously living the Words by becoming ever humble to be taught anew and to receive the guidance in the unknowingness, was a miraculous Joining and completion of healing between my daughter and my soul… First by setting myself totally free to live that which my soul is called to do, and then also setting my daughter free, leaving her in Tokyo in the midst of her university exam (she went through it and passed on her own).

Meanwhile, I continued the alchemy of healing a pattern of ancient unworthiness and unloveability that I projected upon the relationship with her, and communicated and apologized to her for what I had been choosing, which had affected her mental formation throughout her childhood. We had an honest sharing from the heart in deep respect and authenticity to our True Self. She wrote on her birthday in June this year: "I'm so happy to be your daughter and to be able to meet you, mom, for the first time I can say from my heart. Thank you for giving birth to me. Thank you for allowing me to meet you. I want to evolve our relationship into a more active one beyond the ordinary human parent-daughter relationship, that would allow me to become really independent. And I love you wherever you are carried to..." We shared tears of gratitude and Joy beyond any words across the continents (Bali-Tokyo).

If I had studied WOM on my own without allowing the experiential journey of deep healing through Radical Inquiry and with LovesBreath, plus facilitation support from Jeshua, Jayem and Mary Magdalene, for my mind to stop to look more deeply, I would NOT have gone through my journey from separation to Union with God.

From my own direct journey, I can say that restoring Feminine Qualities/Frequencies of Receptivity/Sensitivity/Vulnerability is essential to re-establish Oneness with our Source and with all Creation, and to then let That One take action through us, as us even in our own healing journey and then in the journey within the Queendom of Heaven.

I warmly invite you to join me at one of these workshops I am offering on the Sacred Union of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine and on the Art of Foundational Steps of the Christ Path, tour of events in France and the US in August and September.

These are taking place on the following dates in the following locations:


The Sacred Union of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine:
August 1-3 in Angers, France
August 29-31 in Colorado, USA
September 19-21 in Oregon, USA

The Art of Foundational Steps of the Christ Path:
September 6 in Colorado, USA


In July 11-13, I led the first workshop on 'The Art of the Foundational Steps of the Christ Path' with new friends of the heart in Angers, France. The call to serve in France began in the Cave with Mary Magdalene last September. Receiving the call to deeper service and in surrendering to it, I expressed to Her that I was ready to go into the relational realm to serve more. In just 5 minutes! I was guided to meet two French people (Julien & Etienne). We ended up spending 3 days together with my sharing some of the practices, and we left each other with no next plans to meet again. In the mystery of the unknown, early this year we all started feeling a strong call to come together again to extend the Way to their friends in their community.

Through this recent workshop with me, they deeply felt that these teachings are the ones they want to deepen and there is a great familiarity in their souls: a remembrance of Soul family. The workshop was full of Love, Joy, and Openings in each participant's soul, in utter Effortlessness and Light-ness. I'm deeply inspired by their pure willingness to dive into whatever was presented and to learn from it. What a blessing it is that they started Living the Words of Christ in their own cases!!!

A testimonial from Julien:

"I felt called, since my first meeting with Yumi when I saw her Light and felt our soul connection under the guidance of Mary Magdalene, to go deeper and know more about the teachings of the Pathway. Without trying to do anything the workshop manifested through co-Creation.

Some people felt really called and followed their heart without knowing about her and the teachings. Everyone allowed themselves to feel and receive whatever was offered. Thanks to LovesBreath they could go deep inside, and discover patterns and heal them through Radical Inquiry. All are so delighted in deep gratitude for receiving these teachings. Christed energies manifested and most of them felt it, opened to it, and really desired to live in this wonderful Loving frequency. Thank you, Holy Spirit for this Gift!!!"

To find out more about the events, please see the downloadable flyers with all the details available on my personal facilitator web page. You will also find more details on my page under the section about "upcoming Offerings" also. Please contact me at this email address if you have any questions:


Yumi Grace-Stream              July, 2014





Hello Dear Friends, 

This is to share what I have been up to and the next steps. 

Well, I have been enjoying 'Ecstatic Dance' in 'Heaven' in all moments… You will know what I'm talking about soon… 

It took years to fully realize I am the one who chooses what and how to experience things in all moments in any lifetime/domain: Being carried by Breath of Spirit ceaselessly, submitting all of my beingness, inquired, 'why I have this perception or thought and why I feel in this way, instead of just effortlessly being in Peace'. 

Thus, was constantly led to see a lot of habitual patterns and how they were generated within my own consciousness and what conclusion I chose against certain events, why I concluded in that way. Always found it was to maintain survival of the body and/or mental self image of ego's construct through lifetimes. 

When I saw it, asked within, 'what do I want, truly? Peace or Guilt, Forgiveness or Judgment, Presence or Perception, Love or Fear? and felt through and chose anew… 

This constant practice is 'Radical Inquiry' (RI) with 'LovesBreath' (LB), which is the Key foundational tools of Christ Path of The Way, Way of Mastery given by Jeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene and Christ Council. 

I went through a lot of deep alchemical healing journey of deathing of ego and rebirthing of the True Self through owning 100% responsibility for all of experiences, and of course with a lot of bruises; most of them were done in Aloneness in God, which is invisible in its nature, yet vulnerable, transparent, and open to what the Mystery carries to and reveals. Since I came to this PathWay, the way to heal the wounds were completely reversed from someone's doing for me or my doing INTO Spirit led healing through deep relaxed LB (Facilitation is the same, there is only Spirit flowing through in a session). Healing is not what we lead, not a show with emotional release. it's very subtle and yet powerful as everything is within, not outside, this is about turning the attention back within deliberately quietly, then if it's necessary for any embedded emotions or wave of energies to be released, it will come up, sometimes as an explosion, but it's temporal and through continuous LovesBreath, such healing wave subsides pretty shortly and relaxed LB comes back and continues. As one returns from ego's contraction to the Original Wholeness more, there is simple Presence and quiet celebration in Stillness . This itself is a journey through practice of Desire, Intention, Allowance, and Surrender. 

Usually, what's happening and evolving in the awareness of those who continuously submit to Breath of Spirit is not known by others. I sometime was requested to show up more or to engage in their social or group gatherings more while I was very busy with being carried to alchemy to awaken from any (subtle) remained trace of illusion that I have ever been separate from God (which revealed in this lifetime as deeply embedded patterns, and, of myself, I even didn't know there were deeper things to be uncovered, but Spirit/God always DOES, thus necessary contexts were woven to see/feel through and to choose anew) through Radical Inquiry with LovesBreath, and at the same time with engaging in a lot of offerings of the service and preparing new materials for the training workshops that I accepted from the Voice of Spirit within. So, this is what I have been up to until Ashram closure/the beginning of May. Now, with eternally opened Heart, I am continuously carried by the Higher Impulse, the Wind of Spirit to extend whatever It wants through/as me no matter what… 

Practiced being a master of my own domain and choosing only loving thoughts and energies, and keep deepening that stage with more vigilance and discipline in quiet Joy, ceaselessly being shattered only to Know more of God, True Love; Birthing Process: Divinizing Humanity within, releasing the self of 'I', 'my', 'me' and 'for me/myself' into the Impersonal Self, One Soul, where I find True Ecstasy Only in God. 

Yes, immersing in this process makes me busier as I shared. Why? Because all ordinary moments become extraordinary to bring more Awareness within; feeling called to go to ecstatic dance at Yogabarn Friday night, when almost always I am carried to receive new insights & revelations in surrender to moments in Dance, choosing active Stillness. And it's funny to say that I most receive clear messages from Mary M./Jeshua/other Masters; what is a next step or what to extend right now. On Sunday dance, am often carried to dance with more of various people: females & males with various sexual orientations, and children, aaahhh… on the dance floor, I've been given a lot of opportunities to enjoy spontaneous moment of encounters in the unknown, and am astounded how rich and mysterious each moment of encounter through dance is as I had sanctified all moments of entering into meeting with beings through LovesBreath… I can feel and see where their consciousness is, and dance with them where they are, holding the highest Light… energies are effortlessly and deeply merged with someone sent to in front beyond physical bodies, simply divinely sexual and sacred and delight in only giving Light and receiving Light… orgasmic… and when dancing in solo gentle soft subtle movement, Voice for God speaks… Anything held in the body is released more in very subtle level, sometimes tears, a flood of tears of gratitude for revelations that how much God is Loving all of us in Fire of Love. Dance with a girl of age 13~14 is utter awesome, in our Equality as spiritual beings, without any words, we commune and communicate; take a lead to extend the Truth of God, Light; tears naturally flooded to know clearly again I have things to do for her generation, the next generation… soon after I was known she is Jewish, and at the last dance, i saw her at the era of Jeshua and saw Mary M. speaking to both of us through her, utter blessed Oneness… learned she is already taking a lead in specific ways in Ubud community! 

… and found I am Freer, no longer impacted by sucking or judging energies, glee club energies, strong rage in both forms of masculine/feminine - for I embraced all of those as mine too; I know those energies flowed in the past to a certain extent (ha!) within my field of being - so, I dance with all of those energies, flying grounded in Divine Selfishness, choosing only God … regardless of what/how others are dancing or reacting/responding… to extend What God wants to do… By the way, I will offer the context of Ecstatic Dance in the workshops in Europe and USA this coming summer/autumn! 

The more I am Freer, the more Creative Power starts flowing to extend the service in concrete ways; ongoing translation work for Japanese, which is huge volume requiring another 10 years to complete, remote sessions for them, preparations for the upcoming world tour of offering The Way Teachings in France, UK, USA & Japan and much much more… so busier that no time to waste time in old useless habits. Life lives me, the body-mind is only used for Its Purpose. I AM the tree, I AM the desk, I AM the water, I AM Nothing, I AM Everything… All arises within my Consciousness, and a Witness remains: I AM, as God Created Me to be, a free creator but Created… In our sovereign Free Power of Choice, what do we want, truly??…………………. Well, I choose a Choiceless Choice: Only Love is Real…….. Love & Blessings to All of you… 


 Yumi Grace-Stream  [June, 2014]


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