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Welcome to the Way Teachings of Jeshua (Jesus) 

through Grace Stream!

If you want to know the Truth, True Love, Peace, 
I would like to invite you to the Way that will set you Free and guide you to Eternal Peace.... 


~ Yumi (YouMe) GraceStream

Global Offerings: 
Sacred Union of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

Through my direct immersion and discovery, I found how critical, essential, and truly helpful it is to ground the essence of the Teachings in our humanity in order to wake up in daily living basis. For that, I received Calls to offer the followings globally, so that any being, anywhere, that desires to learn and incorporate the practices and tools will be able to start using them in their daily life after sessions/workshops to deepen their own journey of healing/awakening:


Note: all sessions/workshops are fully based on the Way Teachings of Jeshua & Mary Magdalene (aka Way of Mastery - Pathway) that are fully comprehensive, holistic, palpable, practical, feasible and profound, offering sacred space to support any willing souls to start relaxing, being receptive to unwind what is rigid within in order to restore their Original Wholeness more...

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The Way Teachings | Way of Mastery - Experiential Workshops:

*Getting out of head/mind, coming back to body and heart to touch the depth of soul, to start correcting mind, to heal wounds... to restore Peace

Foundational training sessions: 

- Breath of Love & Light (aka LovesBreath)

- Self Root Core Inquiry with Breath of Love & Light 

*Self version of Radical Inquiry

Dis-inhibition work on energies | Healing Workshops: 

- Ecstatic Dance with Breath of Love & Light (LovesBreath)

- Sacred Union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

- Flowering Divine Feminine Within

Intensive Workshops based on Themes:

True Love | Pathway of Enlightenment | Forgiving self and world | Presencing | Silence | Sacred Intimacy

Advanced - Holy Love Relationship | True Tantra | Sacred Sexuality


Duration: Half Day | One Day | Two Day | Three Day | One/Two weeks


Level: Introductory | Intermediate | Advanced


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The entire process of workshops on site is completely under the guidance of Spirit/God.

If you have any questions/inquiries, and/or would like to hold workshops with Yumi GraceStream, please contact at

Ecstatic Dance
Jeshua's Desire and Intention


Jeshua's Desire and Intention can be found clearly through Lesson One, Invitation, The Way of the Heart... The followings are the excerpt for us to go back and wonder if we truly have been following thru continuously, with the practices of Breath and Self inquiry (turning the mind back upon itself), which He used for His own path 2000 years ago and taught... He cannot teach us until we decide from the depth of our heart and soul to heal and awaken from any last trace of our sense that I've ever separated from God... And we are Free to choose to delay the path of healing/awakening... soul syndrome of resisting, hesitating, complaining is so deeply embedded in our being as we cultivated well to choose the voice for/of ego and fear by spending countless time, so it requires the same power of cultivation FOR choosing only the Voice of Spirit/God by spending TIME...


Ego is very tricky and gets more vicious as we come closer to the Truth, God... As Jeshua shares in WOTH, I found it's very important to keep Vigilance to what we are choosing to say/do and how we are spending time and who... there are a lot more to share... For now, hope we all come back to Breath (possibly into the belly) together, and allow the WORDS to come to us... slowly....


I'm Eternally grateful for His Holistic Comprehensive, Practical Teachings that worked to dismantle ego's blackness even while dancing (^_-), and keep continuing to be taught again to go deeper into the Heart of God in Humility and Joy... Blessings, Yumi

Jeshua: "For in Truth, I tell you, the least of these among you, according to your perception, is already equal to the greatest. And there is none among you who is less than I am.


And so, The Way of the Heart begins there. It begins by accepting the humility that you’ve created quite a mess within your consciousness. You’ve created a labyrinth and gotten lost within it, and you don’t know the way back - that of yourself, you can do nothing. For all you’ve managed to achieve is the creation of a whole lot of insane dramas that are, in Truth, occurring nowhere except within the field of your mind.They are like chimeras, like dreams. In Truth, there is no difference between a waking state, in which you would be the director of your life, and the dreams you have when the body sleeps at night. They are both the same thing.


I wish to direct you to peace, even that peace which forever transcends the understanding and comprehension of the world. I desire - because my Father desires it through me - to bring you wholly to where I am, that you might discover there is someone that got there ahead of you. And when you look closely, you go,

Ahhh, it’s my Self. I’ve always been there, but I forgot.


And in the end of all journeying, in the end of all purification - and, indeed, purification is still necessary - you will discover that to awaken means to have journeyed nowhere. It means to have arrived at a goal that has never changed.


Awakening is only remembrance; but it is a remembrance not just of the intellect; for it is not an idea, as you would understand ideas. It is an idea that vibrates through the whole field of your beingness, so that even the cells of the body - while yet the body remains coalesced together in its present form - even the cells of the body awaken and relax into the Truth that is true always.


The Way of the Heart. . . If you were a gardener, would you not cultivate the art of weeding your garden? Would you not look to see that the soil is just the correct dampness? Would you not keep your eye on the clouds on the horizon and the heat of the day? Would you not cover the delicate plants that need protection while they grow strong? And if those that would come would not respect your garden, would you not ask them to leave, or build a temporary fence until the garden is strong enough until it bursts forth with enough fruit so that you can give to even those who do not respect it?


Be you, therefore, a wise gardener. Cultivate a deep love and respect for yourself, for you are not here to “fix” the world. You are not here to “fix” your brother or sister. ‘Tis only Love that heals. And until you have loved yourself wholly, by having purified the mind of every erroneous thought you’ve ever held - until you’ve loved yourself - you do not, in Truth, love anyone or anything, save in those brief moments when you let your guard down and the Love of God shines forth, through you, so quickly you don’t even know what happened. For the wise gardener cultivates a state of consciousness in which the Love of God is unimpeded.


Beloved friends - those of you that have elected to answer a call to participate in this pathway, with this Family - if you would make your commitment to trusting your Creator for having set before you a pathway that can, indeed, lead you home, you will, indeed, arrive at home. But commitment means that you don’t get to leave the room when the shouting begins. The shouting we’re speaking of is the shouting within your own mind, within your own body, within your own emotions. That you will stay with these things by being honest about them, and loving yourself for ever having the power to even create such insane perceptions of yourself and the world around you.


The Way of the Heart is the final pathway that any soul can enter. There are many stages of awakening. There are many pathways that can be followed, but ultimately, “All roads lead to Rome,” so they say. Eventually each soul must find its way into The Way of the Heart, and come back to the Truth that it’s time to take responsibility, to learn to cultivate the ability to look upon the deep and vicious blackness of what I have called ego, which is nothing more than the cesspool of denial - it is that which lacks Light and begin to bring Light back to it by simply observing your own mind, your own behavior, your own reactions with a sense of wonder, with a sense of innocence, with a sense of childlikeness.


For is it not written that you must again become a little child to enter the Kingdom? The little child simply marvels at all that they see: “Well, how about that?” Can you imagine looking upon the deepest, darkest parts of your own shadow, your own denials and being able to say, “Oh, how about that!”? Hmm. Remember, then, that everything is neutral, and in Truth all that which arises within your consciousness has no effect upon the Truth of your reality.


The Way of the Heart, then, is a way of cultivating the decision to become identified with the Light that can shine away all darkness - not by fighting with it, but by recognizing it, embracing it as your own creation, and choosing again. The Way of the Heart is the way that I teach. And now we begin a more focused - shall we say - yearlong study, a year-long cultivation together, that The Way of the Heart might become established within your holy mind...."

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