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If you want to know the Truth, True Love, Peace, 
I would like to invite you to the Way that will set you Free and guide you to Eternal Peace.... 


~ Yumi GraceStream

2019 Journey into Silence in Kyoto


“Silence is the doorway to Wisdom Divine.”

by Jeshua (Jesus) in His 'The Way of The Heart' 

「静粛は、『神性な叡智』への戸口である」 by イェシュア『ハートの道』

Dear Friends.... Have you ever wondered what 'Silence' is truly…?... We might think it is something we experience when we stop talking or chitchat and become quiet…. Well, yes, that is an important step to establish real ’Silence’ within, AND there are more steps for us to go into… As most of us may know even if we stop talking or chitchat, our minds are still noisy and talkative, and sometimes get busier inside and become more sneaky/deceptive, while on the surface level we seem to get quiet… Do you know those things?! I don't know about you, but for me those were very familiar because I had been fused to the mind deeply in the past...and many human beings would still share this pattern... !

(J)親愛なるみなさん...「サイレンス」とは本当はなんだろうと不思議に思われたことはありますか?...もしかしたらそれは私たちが話したり、おしゃべりを止めて静かになった時に経験するものと思うかもしれません...そうですね、それは本物の内面の「サイレンス・静粛」を確立していく上での大切なステップであるとはいえ、実はさらに踏み進んでいく段階があります...多くの人は、たとえ話やおしゃべりを止めても、自分のマインドはまだ騒がしく、おしゃべりであり、時にはもっと内面でうるさくなり、さらにずる賢く・欺瞞的になることを知っています。その一方で、表面レベルでは静かになったように見えます...こういったことに心当たりはありますか? みなさんがどうかは分かりませんが、私にはこれらのことはとても馴染みのあることでした、なぜならば過去においてはマインドに癒着していたからです...そして多くの人々はいまだにこのパターンを共有していると思います...!


Also, through observations, I noticed that for many of them, even to stop talking is such a challenge and so difficult, while some of them feel it’s quite easy, yet knowing or not their minds are not truly quiet within…



In this 5-day retreat, we will explore how to cultivate and deepen the inner silence, through guided steps and practices that I found very useful and practical during the teacher training period... Whether you're familiar with the Way Teachings of Jeshua & Mary Magdalene (aka Way of Mastery - Pathway) does not matter, but rather, your willingness to dive into the Unknown Journey into 'Silence' by immersing in the offered contexts....


Our venue is a beautiful ancient Japanese style villa in Kyoto, which is very rare even for Japanese people to stay at.... Why not take advantage of this rare opportunity to visit Kyoto for the Divine purpose of growth/healing/awakening...  And, be astounded by the Mystery That will guide us through this Journey both Alone and together sharing/respecting 'Silence'.... We will join each other with sincere playful hearts to immerse in practices, visiting several ancient temples/shrines and quiet spots to attune to nature and the Invisible, and to meditate…



During the Retreat you will receive access to the priceless ancient practices that Jeshua (Jesus) and Mary Magdalene actually used and taught. Key offerings will be:

  • Breath of Love and Light (Cultivate deep belly-based breathing, first to come back to the body and then... let's find out what's there...!!)

  • Energy work (tap into what is present within and let go)

  • Root Core Inquiry meditation (a unique way to meditate by turning the mind back upon itself… if you don’t have any experience of Self Radical Inquiry or any clue for it, don’t worry… simple and clear guidances will be given)

  • Prayer (for Jeshua, prayer is NOT about our asking God/the Source to give us what we want to get, but rather it IS about Attunement to the Divine)

  • Gentle Yoga/movement

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Immersion in ancient temples/shrines

  • A lot of Free time to meditate and integrate, and wander around the ancient town (… but in Silence... because the purpose of the retreat is to cultivate deep silence within...)


  • 「聖なる愛の呼吸」|「愛と光の呼吸」(お腹での深い呼吸を練習し、身体にまず戻っていき、それからそこに何があるか一緒に見つけていきます!)

  • エネルギーワーク(内面にあるものとつながり、解き放っていきます)

  • 「根元の探求」瞑想(マインドをそれ自体に振り向かせていく他にはない瞑想方法です...個人で行うラディカル・インクワイリー(根元の探求)の経験がない方、見当もつかない方、ご安心ください...シンプルで明確なガイダンスをご提供します)*メアリー・マグダーレンは、この「根元の探求」と「聖なる愛の呼吸」が私たちの癒しと覚醒の道の要だとシェアしています

  • 「祈り」(イェシュアにとって、祈りとは、「神」・「源」に自分が得たいものを与えてくださいとお願いすることではなく、「神性の存在」と共鳴・共振する調和に入ることです)

  • ジェントルヨガ・ムーブメント

  • エクスタティック・ダンス

  • 古都の寺院・神社への探訪

  • たくさんの自由時間で瞑想したり、発見したことを統合したり、古都の街を探索することができます(...「サイレンス・静粛」で行なっていきます。なぜならばこのリトリートの目的は、内面での深い静粛を培うことだからです)


Imagine, when a dozen of people from all over the world come together to dedicate solely to the cultivation of 'Silence' within -- only where we can hear the Voice for/of Spirit/God -- spending 4nights/5days in a shared context... what a Delight... for the Sonship of God, Indeed!! I already feel so thrilled how much of Light will be extended palpably further to the world... Come to have direct experience of transformational journey with like-hearted beings and of Kyoto, a fascinating ancient town.... Talking, reading or studying about 'Silence' or about Kyoto is not the same as Knowing of it... Until we go there and directly taste it, we never know truly and directly what it is... Space is limited (max 11) due to the main venue (beautiful Kyoto ancient style Japanese villa - private group rent)... So... dear Friends of the Heart and Soul, if your heart sings or feels 'Yes', take a deep breath and just allow yourSelf to come!! 

(J)想像してみてください...世界中から12人近くが集まり、内面の「サイレンス・静粛」 −− ここでのみ「スピリット」・「神」の「声」あるいは「それを表す声」を私たちは聞くことができます −− これを培うことだけに専心し、共有する状況・環境の中で4泊5日を過ごす...ということを...「神の子たちの領域」にとって、なんて歓喜に溢れることでしょうか!! どれほど多くの「光」が実感的にさらに世界に伸展されるかと思うと私は既に喜びでワクワクしています。ハートの思いが似通った人々とともに入っていく変容の旅、そして京都という魅惑的な古都そのものを直に体験しにおいでください  ...「サイレンス・静粛」や京都について話したり、読んだり、学習することは、それを「真知する」ことと同じではありません...そこに直に行き、それを直に味わうまでは、真にそして実際にはそれが何か私たちは分かりません...会場施設は美しい京町家の宿を貸し切りますので、参加定員は11名までとなります...「ハート」と「魂」の「友」のみなさん、もしみなさんのハートがさえずり、「行きたい」と感じるなら、深く呼吸をして、ただ「真の自己」を来させてあげてください!!


I am very much looking forward to joining with you in this precious residential retreat in Kyoto, Japan!

(J) 京都でのこの貴重な滞在型リトリートでみなさんと一緒になることをとても楽しみにしています!

Shimmering Light and Love 輝く「光」と「愛」を、

YouMe (Yumi) GraceStream ユミ グレース・ストリーム

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Lodging & main venue:

We will stay at one of the Kyoto ancient Japanese style cozy villas (12 persons). Click the gallery above to explore the ambience...

(J) 会場と宿泊施設:





~ Yumi GraceStream (YouMe)

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Venue: Warsaw, Poland

​Hosted by Maria & Rafal

Details & Subscription => https://www.facebook.com/events/2465938437015120/



Testimonials from "Sacred Union of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine" workshops participants

(2014 summer): 

"Thank you so much for your awesome workshop you gave us a week and a half ago. It was truly alchemical, just as you say. I have been spending the time since then really paying attention to all that is transpiring around me. That includes the body and the corporation of all things (form), but it also includes the formless, the love, the energy and the spirit. There were many helpful things about the workshop – so many to list! Having several modalities was great (breathing, chanting, radical inquiry, ritual, dance, etc.) because it touched on all aspects and kept the weekend moving at a good pace. I especially loved our chanting and the toning we did as a group. That seemed to meet my needs in a big way. What I feel most grateful for is the connection you helped bridge between me and Mary Magdelen. I have often felt uncomfortable with the one-sided gender issue that sometimes comes up with Jeshua, but the addition of Mary (which you brought to the experience towards the end of the weekend) provided the unity I was yearning for.I love you, Yumi, and I wish you peace and joy on your journey wherever it takes you." ~ Katherine


 "Thank you so much for your offering of the workshop “The Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine” to my community. The workshop was a beautiful opportunity for greater Intimacy ( in to me see) with Self and others through guided exercises; breathing of Love’s Breath, sharing, laughing, crying, chanting and dancing. Through your constant, conscious, communion with Spirit you provided a safe, loving and inspired container for this work to be done. I am so Blessed and grateful!" ~ Gail

"Thank you so much for... everything!! I felt the depth of the vessel that I felt you created through your powerful connection and devotion to the Source as One with You. There I could leave the mind behind (very important!) and freely explore and meet seeming fragments of myself that needed to be embraced and transcended with Love. I've never experienced this much depth of my own soul's journey before... This divine vessel also allowed all of us, I feel, to connect with each other in a very intimate and precious way that a soul could know. We truly were in the Sacred Circle! Infinite gratitude to You!" ~ Maho H. 


"I recently completed Yumi's 3day workshop, as well as some one on one work with her. Yumi creates a gentle, loving and very safe space around the "work". I found myself more willing to look and feel deeper and was able to uncover feelings and emotions that had previously remained hidden. Learning and practicing Loves Breath has been very beneficial in my daily life. The radical inquiry practice, while still in its infancy in my understanding of it, is something that I feel will be very important in my ever ongoing spiritual growth. Thank you Yumi for a wonderful and ever expanding experience." ~ Michele


Testimonials from "The Art of Foundational Steps of Christ Path" workshops participants (2014 Summer): 

"Learning Love Breath was a wonderful gift for me. I hesitated coming to the workshop because I believed I could not lay down on the floor. I found I could recline on my back with no pain for what 90 minutes! So much for my belief system. Prior to the workshop, I had very shallow breathing habits. I now know that I want to take full deep breaths and to do this I need to stand up straighter and extend my neck off my shoulders. Boy does that feel good. It has shifted my whole perspective of my body, increased energy flow and most importantly I'm providing the space for universal wisdom to expand within me. Certainly I desire that in my life. Radical Inquire was a special shared time with my partner.. I experienced a "washing away" of a long held loss and again was reminded of God's perfect guidance home. Dancing the early evening away with joy and freedom was pure fun! Thank you, Yumi, for answering His call to bring all of us out of our dream world and to boldly step into our Reality." ~ Donna

"I am so appreciative of you...you have given me such much in just 3 short years, and one long Saturday! It was well worth the time. I found the Radical Inquiry process to be most helpful, and am willing to apply it on my own. It was rewarding to see my daughter and close friends gain so much, as I did." ~ David

Testimonial from Private Session:

"During the workshop I was dumbfounded to realize how I was still blocking myself to access a certain human energy stream...  And of course, this piece was the one that came through during our private session after the workshop...  You again created a safe and sacred space and helped me deepen more into my Wholeness!  After the session I truly felt I let go of the burden that I'd been carrying since the beginning of time!! LOL The combination of the workshop and then the private session was just perfectly divinely helpful for me!!  Thank You!!!" ~ M.H.




~ From the events held in France ~

Angers in France

1) July 11 (Fri) - 13 (Sun) 
The Art of Love'sBreath and Radical Inquiry
~ Foundational Building of Christ Path - The Way of Mastery

This workshop was completed with full of Love, Joy and Openings in all participants' souls, in utter Effortlessness and Light-ness. I'm deeply inspired by their pure willingness to dive into whatever was presented and to learn from it. What a blessing it is that they started Living the Words of Christ in their own cases…!!! 

"It was the most beautiful workshop that I had experienced. LovesBreath is so powerful and great, and I learned a lot of new things through the workshop. Thank you, Yumi for your Presence and Love, I felt so supported and liberated. Merci!" (Participant: Heileine)

"I felt called, since my first meeting with Yumi when I saw her Light and felt our soul connection under the guidance of Mary Magdalene, to go deeper and know more about the teachings of the Pathway.  Without trying to do anything the workshop manifested through co-Creation.
Some people felt really called and followed their heart without knowing about her and the teachings.  Everyone allowed themselves to feel and receive whatever was offered. Thanks to LovesBreath they could go deep inside, and discover patterns and heal them through Radical Inquiry.  All are so delighted in deep gratitude for receiving these teachings.  Christed energies manifested and most of them felt it, opened to it, and really desired to live in this wonderful Loving frequency.  Thank you, Holy Spirit for this Gift!!!" (Organizer: Julien)

2) August 1 (Fri) - 3 (Sun) 10:00 - 17:00 
Sacred Union of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine 
~ Restoration of Feminine & Masculine Aspects of Soul ~

This workshop was completed with full of Light and Love... It is delightful to see sparkling eyes of all the 21 participants after the joint immersion of deep healing work. All said they are grateful for receiving this deep Teaschings in Simplicity and Profoundity, and learned what is the Truth of the Breath!

  "Yumi, je tiens à te transmettre ma plus profonde gratitude, mon respect et ma reconnaissance pour tous ces magnifiques enseignements d'amour que tu nous as transmis durant ces trois jours... Ces enseignements, riches de sagesse et d'humilité sont d'autant plus précieux pour moi qu'ils arrivent au bon moment dans ma vie, et dans ce que je traverse actuellement de "karmique", à régler... C'est pourquoi, du fond du coeur je te remercie de ta présence dans ma vie, de ta douceur, de ta patience, de ta dévotion, de ton humilité avec Dieu, merci pour tout ton amour, toute ta sagesse, merci pour ton sourire, et encore MERCI car grâce à toi j'ai retrouvé le sens du mot RESPIRER. Que la lumière que tu reflètes si divinement t'accompagne sur ton chemin. Namasté." (Participant: Corinne)
In English - "Yumi, I extend to you my deepest gratitude, my respect and gratitude for all those wonderful love lessons you have given us during these three days ... These teachings, rich in wisdom and humility, are all the more precious to me as they arrive at the right time in my life, and I now cross "karmic" to settle ... That's why from the bottom of my heart I thank you for your presence in my life, your gentleness, your patience, your devotion, your humility with God, thank you for all your love, all your wisdom, thank you for your smile, and yet again THANK YOU because thanks to you I found the meaning of BREATHE. The reflected light that you so divinely accompany you on your way. Namasté. Corinne" 

Note: Both of the workshops were in English and were translated into French. 



Why France?: 

Last summer (2013), I heard a call to go to the Cave in Provence to meet with Mary Magdalene there. 
During the first 3 days, I sat with Her in the Cave, Who supported me to see more deeply what I was choosing: powerlessness, incapability, helplessness (my ancient core patterns) by choosing to feel overwhelmed, saying within, 'I'm not yet enough to be a stand-alone teacher/facilitator in this WOM PathWay… bla bla bla…' quibbling in the mind!!
 … Going through real Alchemical process with Radical Inquiry to the edges, one big veil dropped, and I remembered again my ancient Promise with the Lineage and God: I will take a lead in a feminine form to cut through the dross in the world and to resurrect for the Humanity, through my own healing/awakening, for all, and serve others by bringing back the Way Teachings, and I surrender how I will be carried for that…. 
And I told Mary M. that I am NOW ready to enter into the relational realms to serve more.
… in 5 minutes, I was guided to meet two beautiful French people there and we just felt the Presence of Jeshua/Germain/Mary M. simultaneously and individually, and ended up spending 3 days together with my sharing of the Way teachings in Spirit guided ways.
… Now…10 months later, this miraculous encounters flowered into offering the two workshops to their friends in France, and Julien has translated all relevant materials and his friend, Anne prepared the web page in French! All are set in Love by them. 
If you know French friends, please send them a cosmic letter about the workshops. OR, If feel called, please join us in this amazingly beautiful vortex of Friends of the Heart in their beautiful city (Angers)….

Yumi Grace-Stream...... June, 2014


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